Below you will find links to the media Vixen Collective, other peer sex worker organisations, allied organisations have engaged in, as well as articles in media written by Victorian sex workers.

Sex Work Research & Sex Worker Rights In Ya Face
3CR, 15th March 2019
“James speaks with Jane Green of the Vixen Collective, a sex work activist and sex worker peer support advocate, about a Melbourne tabloid newspaper’s inaccurate portrayal of sex work, how peer support for sex workers is unfunded, and the importance to push Victoria’s Health Minister Jenny Mikakos to place sex workers rights on the agenda.”

Sex workers call for change to law in Victoria to improve their safety
ABC Gippsland, 25th February 2019
“..the laws around sex work had been set up “as if society needs to be protected from us”. “The laws are not there to protect sex workers,” she said.”

An inside look at the Vixen Collective: the only peer-run sex worker organisation in Victoria
The Quo, 15th February 2019
“..the Victorian government needs to recognise the work already being done every day by sex workers through Vixen Collective and as individuals, to value our work and fund accordingly.”

Vixen Collective, sex worker rights In Ya Face
3CR, 14th December 2018
“James speaks with Jane Green, a sex worker activist and member of the Vixen Collective, about the collective’s campaign to decriminalise sex work in Victoria, the ongoing fight for sex worker rights, and the effects on sex workers resulting from Tumblr’s ban of ‘explicit images’.”

Brothels, class, and gentrification: A eulogy for the Pink Palace
Subbed In, 7th December 2018
“A few weeks ago, the Pink Palace ceased operation on Palmerston Street, and the doors have been locked since. I learned of this through social media, and have not received so much as a text message to inform me that my workplace no longer exists.”

Lived experience of sex workers must not be ignored
The Age, 25th October 2018
“Like other marginalised communities, sex workers must be prioritised in discussions relating to our lives and work. To exclude us is to further marginalise us. That fact that it is still seen as acceptable to speak about us rather than with us is a failure that propagates further stigma and discrimination against sex workers.”

‘It absolutely should be seen as rape’: when sex workers are conned
The Guardian, 12th October 2018
“In some jurisdictions, courts have found that when a person cons a sex worker – refuses or evades the agreed payment for sex – such acts constitute rape, because consent for the sexual act was obtained fraudulently.”

Vixen Collective, Sex Worker Rights and Safety with Jane Green
Triple Bi Pass on Joy FM, 9th October 2018
“This week, Ruby, James, and Anthony are joined by the spokesperson for Vixen Collective, Jane Green!.. Jane talks to us about ..the history and historical context behind sex work, its intersecting with queer communities, advocating for neurodiverse sex workers, as well as some really exciting research coming from Vixen Collective.”

Sex Workers Are Being Forgotten By The #metoo Movement
10 Daily, 13th August 2018
““As a woman, I liked the #metoo movement. As a sex worker, I feel that I am completely excluded from it. It is not a movement for me. I am not welcome,” Mary* said.”

Trans sex worker activist Roberta Perkins mourned by community
Star Observer, 28th June 2018
“Tributes have flowed in for Roberta Perkins, a trailblazing Australian advocate for trans and sex worker rights, after she passed away on Tuesday, aged 78.”

Sex worker campaigns in Victoria and Free CJ Palmer!
Queering the Air on 3CR, 27th May 2018
“Iris is joined in by Jane Green from Vixen Collective who gives an update on Victorian sex worker campaigns, including pressure put on the Liberals and ALP, plus the campaign against founder of anti-sex worker organisation Project Respect and Greens candidate Kathleen Maltzahn.”

Sex workers in Australia say police are the last port of call when they need help
Star Observer, 24th May 2018
“Green says the answer to better relationships between police and sex workers isn’t simple, but it starts with treating sex work like any other job. “Decriminalisation won’t make everything perfect overnight, but it’s an important first step in making sure we have the same rights as other workers,” she says. “We have to take that step. “Police attitudes don’t change overnight, but they’ll never change unless we have decriminalisation.”

Victorian sex workers welcome Liberal backdown on harmful policy
Star Observer, 22nd May 2018
“..announcement from the state Liberal Party that it will not be supporting the ‘Nordic model’ of criminalising sex work. “The Liberal Nationals have no plan to adopt the Nordic model for the policing of sex work in Victoria,” said Victorian opposition leader Matthew Guy.”

Victorian Liberals Push for Harmful Anti-Sex Work Laws
Sydney Criminal Lawyers, 10th May 2018
“with the state election set for November, Victorian sex workers have grave concerns that a conservative win could lead to the enactment of these regressive laws that will further criminalise their industry and force them to work under dangerous conditions.”

A Controversial Greens Candidate Has Backflipped On Sex Worker Rights After Intense Pressure
Junkee, 3rd May 2018
“Kathleen founded an organisation that has consistently argued against the rights of sex workers, and argued over the voices of sex workers and obviously to people in our community that’s very troubling”

Victorian Liberal Party Backs Anti-Sex Work Laws at State Conference
Star Observer, 1st May 2018
This is an extremely dangerous step in the wrong direction,” said Jules Kim, CEO of national sex worker association Scarlet Alliance. “Regardless of their intention, laws that criminalise clients of sex workers, and laws against the support structures and ability of sex workers to organise, harm us.”

Victorian Greens accused of mishandling alleged assault by prominent member
Crikey, 27th April 2018
“The Victorian Greens state director Clare Quinn and co-conveners Rose Read and Colin Jacobs are facing allegations from within the party that they mishandled an alleged assault of a protester by a member of the state executive.” 

‘These Laws Are Harmful’: Sex Workers Write to Liberal Members in Victoria Condemning Motion
Star Observer, 23rd April 2018
“Sex workers have spoken out against the Victorian Liberal Party’s motion to introduce new laws towards further criminalisation of sex work in the state..
The Nordic model would make sex work de facto illegal and, advocates argue, would drive the industry underground to the detriment of worker safety.”

Jane Green from Vixen Collective speaks on sex worker issues, myths and stigma
Stand Up Straight on Joy FM, 15th February 2018
“Michelle talks with Jane Green from the Vixen Collective on many topics include law reform, licensing, discrimination, history and much much more.

What It’s Really Like Being A Sex Worker to Support My Studies
Junkee, 20th September 2017
“A 2009 study estimated that the percentage of workers in brothels who are uni students ranges from 10-25 per cent. A 2003 Queensland study showed that 24.7 to 25.4 per cent of sex workers reported having completed a bachelor degree.
I am part of that percentage..”

SWERF to Avoid
Farrago, 7th June 2017
Vixen Collective, the peak body overseeing sex worker rights and safety in Victoria, stated that calling the tension between radical feminists and sex workers a ‘discussion’ is inherently problematic.
“Human rights are inalienable – sex workers get them because we are human. To act as if we should have to justify our right to access them, or make a compelling argument to be included, is wrong,” a spokesperson said.

Salvos use sex workers to get donations again
Crikey, 10th June 2016
The Salvation Army has again drawn the ire of sex workers after another advertisement for its Red Shield Appeal fundraising campaign used a sex worker as an inducement to donate.

Soooo, Why Are Sex Workers Protesting Against the Salvation Army Today?
Pedestrian TV, 2nd June 2016
the Red Shield Appeal often falls back on stigmatising sex work as part of its fundraising appeals..
..the campaign tactic for the Red Shield Appeal in 2016.. consisted of an image of a girl on the donations envelope and the text “My mother was a prostitute. She’d lock me in the bathroom. So I started [self-harming]. I was 5…”

Jane Green on sexual assault
Her Words, 9th April 2017
“Jane Green is a sex worker and spokesperson for Vixen Collective.. She shares her story of sexual assault and speaks openly and honestly about the stigma surrounding sex work and the importance of listening to the voices of those most marginalised.”
Also on YouTube here:

Stop Funding Anti-Sex Work Group: An Interview With Vixen Collective’s Jane Green
Sydney Criminal Lawyers (Blog), 13th January 2017
“Victorian sex workers are speaking out against the state government’s announcement that it will provide funding to an anti-sex work organisation called Project Respect. Sex worker advocates say the group is increasing discrimination against their already marginalised community.”

Stacey Tierney deserved the same right to a safe workplace as any of us
The Guardian, 9th January 2017
“..sensationalised reporting targeted to one group of workers obscures the attention that should be paid to a universal right to safety at work. “All workers deserve to work in safe workplaces,” says Green “and no one should be vilified or treated as if their workplace excuses or justifies harm against them.”

Victorian Sex Workers Outraged Over Funding For Anti-Sex Work Project
Star Observer, 4th January 2017
sex workers have protested against Project Respect in Australia specifically because of its treatment of sex workers. More specifically, they’ve advocated against the project’s policies and its support of the Swedish model of sex work, which criminalises consensual sexual activity and perpetuates the idea that sex work is immoral and criminal.

‘Sex workers fight against stigma for equal justice’
The Saturday Paper, 26th November 2016
For decades, the manual has contained non-binding sentencing guidelines that effectively allow a judge to reduce the sentence of an offender if he targets a sex worker – as opposed to a “chaste” woman.
Following years of advocacy from groups such as the Vixen Collective and the St Kilda Legal Service, these guidelines have finally been updated to say: “The mere fact a victim of a sexual offence was a sex worker will, of itself, have no effect on sentence. Rather, what is relevant are the consequences of the offence for a particular victim.”

Sex Offenders Targeting Sex Workers in Victoria No Longer Able to be Given Reduced Sentences
Star Observer, 19th October 2016
SEX offenders that target sex workers will no longer be able to receive reduced sentences for their crimes under the updated Victorian Sentencing Manual.
The manual, which acts as a guide to sentencing in all Victorian jurisdictions, previously suggested that sex workers were less vulnerable in cases of sexual assault than other victims due to the nature of their work.

FACT, FICTION, FRICTION – Melbourne Writers Festival 2016
Alt Media, 21st September 2016
“Sex workers stood in peaceful protest outside with banners saying “Invisible Women Have Voices” claiming that the authors did not represent them..
When I mentioned.. that the authors claimed to be scared of these protests around the country, she replied: “That’s ridiculous, sex workers don’t have fangs.”

Sex Workers Disappointed by Victoria’s Updated Regulations
Star Observer, 3rd June 2016
SEX workers across the state have expressed disappointment at the Victorian Government’s overnight updates to sex work regulations..
“The level of changes are extremely minimal and what we judge as tokenistic

Vixen Collective on the decriminalisation of sex work
The Informer (Joy FM), 2nd June 2016
“The Informer.. speaks with Jane Green from Vixen Collection, Victoria’s peer led sex worker organisation, about Amnesty International’s recent call for the decriminalisation of sex work.”

Amnesty International’s New Sex Worker Policy Stirs Debate
Star Observer, 30th May 2016
When the proposal to endorse the decriminalisation of sex work was discussed at Amnesty’s National Meeting in Australia in 2014, sex workers who had been invited to speak were objected to, shouted at, called “pimps” and continually abused..

What Amnesty International’s call for decriminalisation means for Australian sex workers
Daily Life, 26th May 2016
“The Amnesty Policy is important as it recognises the importance of the human rights of sex workers. The policy identifies the most prominent barriers to the realisation of sex workers’ human rights and underlines states’ obligations to address them.”

An open letter to Tom Meagher, from St Kilda street-based sex workers
Feminist Ire, 16th May 2016
“As street based sex workers from St Kilda we have come together to urge you to reconsider your position endorsing the campaign “We Don’t Buy It” and to share with you some of the implications it has for us as sex workers.”

Sex worker group Vixen Collective disappointed by Victorian regulation review
ABC, 29th January 2016
“sex workers were disappointed the review had not resulted in a recommendation that sex work be decriminalised in Victoria.. sex workers were “not asking for anything different or anything special”, but simply wanted “the same deal that everyone else gets..”

Full body ads on the way for sex workers
The Age, 28th January 2016
“ workers’ industry body has slammed the draft regulatory changes proposed by the Andrews government as a “missed opportunity..”

Stigma in the Sex Industry
Medium, 21st October 2015
stigma has impacted sex workers in many ways including access to police resources, relationships with family, friends and partners, being denied access to bars and clubs, exclusion from university courses, discrimination in the media and the list goes on..

Defiance, Feminism, Empathy: The Endurance and Evolution Of Slutwalk In Australia
Junkee, 9th September 2015
“[Some] call us ‘product’, not people. They say sex workers sell their bodies, but my body is still here. I sell a service.”

Australian sex workers fight back against industry stigma
NewsComAU, 31st March 2015
THE AUSTRALIAN sex work industry has fought back against claims that most sex workers are abused and forced to enter the industry against their own will.
The hashtag #FacesOfProstitution started trending on social media on Monday, as hundreds of sex workers here and around the world shared positive images and stories from their industry.

Greens should take their sex work principles seriously
ABC, 11th November 2014
Sex workers in Australia are vehemently opposed to the introduction of the Swedish model in Australia, claiming it significantly increases the physical, financial and emotional risks to people who choose to do sex work, while providing no benefit or safety to the people who may be trying to escape it..
.. if Maltzahn wanted to work towards removing violence from the sex industry “she would listen to sex workers when they tell her that the Swedish model harms sex workers”.

Sex-for-sale: It’s all in a day’s work for these women in the sex industry
Herald Sun, 20th October 2014
“They are different ages, come from different ethnic backgrounds, some are married, some are single, some are straight out of school and others are studying. Some are mothers who work a few shifts to pay school fees.”

Listen to sex workers – you’ll realise we have a lot to say about labour rights
The Guardian, 29th September 2014
“Sex workers, just like other workers, work because we have needs and desires in life.. We are members of the communities in which we work and live.”

Ugly Mugs: ‘an unacceptable breach of sex workers’ privacy’
The Conversation, 19th August 2014
“The depiction of sex workers as helpless, desperate stereotypes rather than as workers fighting daily for recognition of their human rights and labour rights – this is “pity porn”.”

St Kilda sex worker calls out on Red Umbrella Day for more effort to find Tracey Connelly’s killer
Leader, 18th December 2013
“A St Kilda sex worker who worked alongside slain woman Tracey Connelly for more than a decade has called on homicide detectives to ramp up their efforts.”

Sex workers take fight against criminalisation to Melbourne’s streets
ABC, 18th December 2013
“Sex workers in Melbourne have taken to the streets to speak out against calls to impose tighter controls on their trade..
Last night dozens of sex workers and their supporters rallied outside Melbourne’s State Library.”

Sex workers join global campaign to prevent violence
The Age, 20th July 2013
“..the stigma associated with sex workers was entrenched in the legal system, resulting in softer penalties for violent offenders..”

Sex workers shine light on their trade with Q&A
The Age, 30th May 2012
“In a bid to demystify their profession, the sex workers appeared on a panel open to the public, as part of this week’s Festival of Sex Work, the first festival of its kind in Australia.”