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My Health Records
“My Health Record (MHR) is an online record of your health information, part of a centralised database, operated by the Australian Digital Health Agency..
The creation, storage and access to My Health Records has raised concerns for many marginalised communities.  As sex workers we can be discriminated against, even criminalised, on the basis of our status as sex workers.”
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Scarlet Alliance ‘Red Book’ Now Online
The Scarlet Alliance (Australian Sex Workers Association) ‘Red Book’ is an online resource, by sex workers for sex workers, on; STI’s/BBV’s, safer sex, sex worker skill share, testing, general sexual health, STI’s/BBV’s and the law, sex work services and sex work organisations.
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“In March 2018 the US House of Representatives passed FOSTA (‘Allow States and Victims To Fight Online Sex Trafficking Act’) and the US Senate passed SESTA (‘Stop Enabling Sex Trafficking Act’).  The stated intent of these bills is to stop sex trafficking, however the bills create an exemption to Section 230 of the US ‘Communications Decency Act (1996)’ that makes internet platforms and ISP’s responsible for users posting ads for sex work – this includes consensual sex work.”
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