The following page lists resources that may be useful to sex workers in Victoria. Many of the resources are written by interstate organisations but are still useful to Victorian sex workers.

St Kilda Legal Service (SKLS) – based in Victoria
St Kilda Legal Service has written many of these resources in consultation with Vixen Collective

Sex work and the facts (SKLS)

Sex work in Victoria Fact Sheet: Topic: non payment for sexual services (SKLS)

Sex Work Advertising (SKLS)

Legal Information for Professionals (LIP)
This is a range of fact sheets for sex workers that includes information on:
– Rights at Work
– Safety
– Dealing with Victoria Police
– Dealing with Authorities – Consumer Affairs
– Dealing with Authorities – DHHS
– Dealing with Authorities – Local Councils
– Dealing with Authorities – Worksafe

Revenge Porn (SKLS)

Consumer Affairs Victoria
This is one of the regulatory bodies for the Victorian sex industry so it is NOT a peer based organisation.

The following is a link to information on the VIC sex industry and the webpage can be printed out.

Melbourne Sexual Health Service
This is a non-peer based organisation so fact sheets have not been written by sex workers. Resources for download include:

Screening of sex workers for STI and BBV
This includes what STI and BBV testing should occur, issuing of attendance certificates and how certificates should be worded.

STI Atlas
The STI Atlas is a resource for medical professionals that includes pictures of STI’s and can be searched on; sex, site of STI, syndromes, STI’s, conditions and investigations.

Sexual Health Fact Sheets


Clinical Videos

Scarlet Alliance, Australian Sex Workers Association
Scarlet Alliance is the national peak body for sex worker organisations. Their resources are peer written. Resources include:

Scarlet Alliance ‘Red Book’ Now Online
The Scarlet Alliance (Australian Sex Workers Association) ‘Red Book’ is an online resource, by sex workers for sex workers, on; STI’s/BBV’s, safer sex, sex worker skill share, testing, general sexual health, STI’s/BBV’s and the law, sex work services and sex work organisations.
Click here to access the ‘Red Book’ here:

Key issues: Sex Worker Policy Issues in

Principles for Model Sex Work Legislation

Scarlet Alliance also has resources available for download in multiple languages

Downloadable resources and link to a complete list of resources can be found here:

Sex Work Outreach Project – New South Wales (SWOP-NSW)
SWOP-NSW is a peer based organisation, so their resources are written by sex workers for sex workers. Resources relevant to VIC sex workers include:

The Professional – Magazine is written by sex workers for sex workers. It is a “closed resource” which means it is to be read by sex workers only and because of this, you will need to call SWOP directly to ask for a copy.

The Workers Handbook; Male Edition – not available to download. Please call SWOP to receive a copy. You can call SWOP-NSW on (02) 9206 2166

SWOP-NSW also has resources available for download in Korean, Chinese and Thai

Downloadable resources and link to a complete list of resources can be found here:

Respect Inc
Respect Inc is a QLD sex worker organisation. All resources have been written by sex workers for sex workers. Resources include:

Looking after your health
Checking a client
Broken condom and slippage
Dental dams
Cleaning and caring for your sex toys
Working with your period
Sexual assault
Sex Work and burn out
Negotiating the booking
Client relationship management
Telling people you are a sex worker
Sex workers with children
Sex work and pregnancy
Dealing with difficult clients Female clients

All of Respect Inc’s resources can be found here:

Sex Industry Network – South Australia (SIN)
SIN is a sex worker organisation so all resources have been written by sex workers for sex workers.

They’ve published a newsletter which can be found on their resource page here:

Touching Base
Touching Base is not a peer sex worker organisation, but involves sex workers in their work to create awareness, educate and facilitate the links between people with a disability, their support organisations and the Sex Industry.

Disability, intimacy, pleasure and sexuality: Seminar overview and podcasts