What we do

Hold Regular Meetings
Vixen Collective meets every 6 weeks to plan events, discuss current sex work issues as well as support each other by sharing experiences and ideas.

Plan Events
Vixen Collective plans events that that discuss and celebrate the lives and experiences of sex workers. Sometimes these can be informative and at other times creative and fun. Events range from participation in Pride March, International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers,  and the biennial Festival of Sex Work.

Allow the Voices of Sex Workers to be Heard
Recognising that sex workers are the best people to represent the experience of working in the sex industry, Vixen works towards asserting the voices of sex workers in a safe way that respects our rights and dignity. This may be in the media or in front of a university class room; where the opportunity exists Vixen strives to be there.

Support Each Other
Sometimes, only sex workers can support other sex workers.  Working in the industry gives us a unique perspective that cannot be replicated by those who have never worked.  Vixen brings these experiences together so that sex workers can learn from each other, help solve problems and share skills.

Sex Workers Deserve Respect Vixen Collective Protest