What we do


Vixen Collective informs and conducts its work through ongoing consultation with Victorian sex workers, as well as broader sex worker community across Australia and internationally.

Sex workers are the experts in our own lives and work, yet sex workers and sex workers’ representative peer organisations are routinely omitted from discussions about law, policy, enforcement and the provision of resources relating to sex worker community.

While it remains the case that sex workers and sex workers’ representative peer organisations are not recognised as the key stakeholders in all matters relating to our lives and work – sex workers will continue to be failed – by government, regulators, officials, policy makers, services, community organisations and those that purport to work with sex workers.

Sex Workers are the experts on our own lives and work, our voices MUST be heard in order for our rights to be recognised.

Vixen Collective continues to work fiercely on sex worker rights in Victoria, through:

  1. Being a proud peer only (sex worker only) organisation
  2. Encouraging local sex worker participation
  3. Consultation with Victorian sex workers on key community issues
  4. Peer education and peer support to local sex worker community
  5. Education initiatives with broader non sex worker community
  6. Advocacy and lobbying to government
  7. Working to break down stigma and promote positive media on sex work
  8. Work with other community organisations
  9. HIV advisory work (as a key population)
  10. Work to advance access to key services and access to justice for sex workers
  11. Public education e.g. Festival of Sex Work

You can find out more about our current work by:

Checking out our current campaigns for sex worker rights in Victoria here – vixencollective.net/campaigns/

Seeing our latest work advocating to state and federal government, under ‘Submissions’, here – vixencollective.net/what-we-do/submissions/

By reading the ‘Media Releases’ section of our website here – vixencollective.net/what-we-do/media-releases/



Vixen Collective holds meetings, events, peer education and skill-shares, protests and social get togethers for sex workers in Victoria – if you are a current or former sex worker who is interested in joining us as part of a community working together to improve sex worker rights in Victoria our contact details are here:


If you are a non sex worker who supports our rights, someone who wants to know more, or organisation wanting to get in contact with us – then get in touch and support the rights of sex workers in your community!

Sex Workers Deserve Respect Vixen Collective Protest