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Media Release: ‘Vixen Collective opens office at Victorian Trades Hall Council and support for Sex Workers during COVID-19’, 20th March 2020
Excerpt from Media Release
“Founded in 2005, Vixen Collective has consistently campaigned for the rights, health and safety of Victorian sex workers for over fourteen years.  Throughout this time Vixen Collective has remained without government funding, operating without an office, staffed by volunteers from our own community – often borrowing space and resources from other allied community organisations.  We have been preparing to announce, that as part of a commitment to supporting the campaign to fully decriminalise sex work in Victoria, Victorian Trades Hall Council (VTHC) has provided Vixen Collective with an office at VTHC.  Obviously with the outbreak of coronavirus and public health guidance around social distancing, we are unlikely to be able to utilise this space as we had anticipated in the immediate future.
Sex workers as a workforce are primarily independent contractors and sole traders, as such we are particularly marginalised in terms of the impact of coronavirus.  The sex industry itself has been in a state of ‘contraction’ for some time, with incomes for many workers falling over the last decade.  The impact of coronavirus is already being felt by our community.  We call on the Victorian Government to engage directly with the recognised representative peer organisations of our community and work with us to support sex workers in this time.”

Vixen Collective opens office at Victorian Trades Hall Council and support for Sex Workers during COVID-19_20th March 2020_Vixen Collective

Media Release: ‘Victorian Liberals state “no plan” to adopt ‘Nordic Model’ sex work laws in Victoria’, 21st May 2018
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“Vixen Collective, Victoria’s peer only sex worker organisation, are pleased to announce that Leader of the Liberal Party in Victorian Parliament, the Hon. Matthew Guy MP, has stated the following:
“The Liberal Nationals have no plan to adopt the ‘Nordic Model’ for the policing of sex work in Victoria”
Vixen Collective recognises the hard work of sex workers in Victoria and across Australia in successfully opposing Liberal Party support for harmful ‘Nordic Model’ laws, as well as the work of Scarlet Alliance (Australian Sex Workers Association) and other peer-based sex worker organisations across the country, and of allies and supporters who have joined us in this fight.”

Victorian Liberals state no plan to adopt the Nordic Model sex work laws in Victoria_Media Release_21st May 2018_Vixen Collective

Media Release: ‘Sex workers slam Victorian Liberal Party support of harmful laws against sex workers’, 30th April 2018
Excerpt from Media Release
“Yesterday the Victorian Liberal Party passed a motion to support the harmful Nordic Model of sex work regulation. The Nordic Model criminalises clients and the support structures of sex workers as well as isolating and harming sex workers. 
There is a mountain of evidence that demonstrates that the Nordic Model does not reduce trafficking or sex work, but it does increase sex workers’ risk of violence and is detrimental to our health, safety and human rights. The Nordic Model creates barriers to HIV and STI prevention and will undo Australia’s incredibly successful public health response to HIV and STI’s among sex workers.”

Scarlet Alliance and Vixen Collective joint MEDIA RELEASE_Vic Liberal support of Nordic harms sex workers_April 2018_Vixen Collective

Media Release: ‘Sex Workers Alarmed by Government Funding Decision’, 20th December 2016
Excerpt from Media Release
“Vixen Collective (Victoria’s peer only sex worker organisation) and Scarlet Alliance (Australian Sex Workers Association) are deeply concerned at the Andrew’s Labor Government’s misguided decision to grant $300,000 of funding to the organisation ‘Project Respect’ to work with “sex workers and victims of trafficking”.  
This ill informed decision to fund a service that will be largely inaccessible to most sex workers is squandering the precious few resources that exist to address violence against sex workers. Of greater concern is the impact this will have in furthering stigma and discrimination against sex workers.
There is a continuing history of sex worker protests against Project Respect in Australia, specifically because of its treatment of sex workers, its policies, and support of the ‘Swedish’ or ‘Nordic’ Model. Project Respect is an organisation that has repeatedly called for policies and law that are recognised as key drivers of violence towards sex workers.

Project Respect actively lobbies for the ‘Swedish Model’ of sex work criminalisation – a regulatory model that specifically discriminates against and endangers both sex workers and victims of human trafficking…”

Project Respect Government Funding_Media Release_20th December 2016_Vixen Collective and Scarlet Alliance

Media Release: ‘Sexual offenders who target sex workers no longer able to be given reduced sentences for their crimes under updated Victorian Sentencing Manual’, 19th October 2016
Excerpt from Media Release
“Vixen Collective has repeatedly raised concerns about the Victorian Sentencing Manual which is written and maintained by the Judicial College of Victoria who provides education for judges, magistrates and VCAT members; as the manual had relied on cases AG v Harris 11/8/1981 CCA Vic and Hakopian 11/12/1991 CCA Vic in a topic titled “Victim is a Prostitute”. Previously this topic stated:

“..the prostitute’s experience may tend to reduce the weight commonly given in rape cases to the ‘reaction of revulsion’ of the ‘chaste woman’..”  (AG v Harris 11/8/1981, quoted in “Victim is a Prostitute”)

..We are therefore extremely pleased to announce that after liaising with St Kilda Legal Service who conducted research on the issue and made submissions to the Judicial College about amending these topics, the Victorian Sentencing Manual has now been updated to acknowledge:

“..that the mere fact a victim of a sexual offence was a sex worker will, of itself, have no effect on sentence. Rather, what is relevant are the consequences of the offence for a particular victim.” (quoted from “Victim is a Sex Worker –”)

Rape Sentencing Guidelines_Media Release_19th Oct 2016_Vixen Collective

Media Release: ‘New ‘Sex Work Regulations 2016’ Fail Sex Workers on Health and Safety Grounds’, 2nd June 2016
Excerpt from Media Release
“The Andrews Labour Government is falling behind in sex work policy by failing to recognise full decriminalisation of sex work as the best practice model for sex worker’s human rights, labour rights, health and safety!
Amnesty International in the release of their policy ‘On State Obligations to Respect, Protect and Fulfil the Human Rights of Sex Workers’ last week noted:

“.. governments should ensure the meaningful participation and consultation of sex workers, including, in particular current sex workers ..”

The Andrews Labour Government is failing to listen to sex workers!”

Sex Work Regulations Victoria_Media Release_2nd June 2016_Vixen Collective

Media Release: ‘Sex workers stand in solidarity in calling for full decriminalisation of sex work’, 15th September 2015
Excerpt from Media Release
“Vixen Collective, Victoria’s peer only sex worker organisation, calls for the full decriminalisation of sex work in Victoria as a vital and urgent step that government must take for the health and safety of Victorian sex workers!
.. We recognise full decriminalisation of sex work is the only acceptable model of regulation for sex workers’ human rights, labour rights, health and safety”
NOTE: This Media Release includes endorsement of the full decriminalisation of sex work by twenty-one different organisations in Australia.

Decriminalisation of Sex Work in Victoria_Media_Release_15th September 2015_Vixen Collective

Media Release: ‘Festival of Sex Work’, 3rd August 2015
Excerpt from Media Release
“Vixen Collective, Victoria’s peer only sex worker organisation, is for the third time running the Festival of Sex Work, from Friday August 7th until Sunday August 9th 2015.
The Festival is a celebration of the lives, skills, culture and community of sex workers…”

Festival of Sex Work (FOSW_ 2015_Media Release_7th August 2015_Vixen Collective