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Victorian Gender Equality Strategy – Department of Premier and Cabinet 
The Victorian Government announced in November 2015 that it would be developing the state’s first ever Gender Equality Strategy.
The strategy is intended to set the blueprint for gender equality across the state and advocate for change at the Commonwealth Level.
Vixen Collective Submission, 24th March 2016:
Not Yet Published Online by Victorian Government
Gender Equality Strategy Consultation Paper:

Access to Justice Review – Department of Justice and Regulation 
In October 2015 the Department of Justice and Regulation undertook a review to identify ways to improve access to justice for Victorians, particularly the most disadvantaged and vulnerable in Victorian community.
Vixen Collective Submission, 24th March 2016:

Draft Sex Work Regulations 2016 – Consumer Affairs Victoria 
The Victorian Government held a review of the ‘Sex Work Regulations 2006’, first in April 2015 (to specific stakeholders), then in February 2016 (a public review process).
Despite substantial feedback from sex workers representative organisations (including Vixen Collective) changes made by the government were minimal, relating mainly to the area of ‘Advertising Controls’.
Vixen Collective Submission, 26th February 2016:
Since this submission process the Victorian Government has implemented the ‘Sex Work Regulations 2016’, effective 1st June 2016.
The new regulations can be accessed here (as a pdf or a word document):!OpenDocument
Star Observer – ‘Sex Workers disappointed by Victoria’s updated regulations’, 3rd June 2016:

Inquiry into Human Trafficking – Federal Government
This inquiry was undertaken by the Federal Government to examine the prevalence of human trafficking in Australia, including the role and effectiveness of law enforcement agencies in responding to same.
Vixen Collective Submission, 19th February 2016 (download from link below)
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Report: no report has yet been produced from this inquiry.

The Role of Victims of Crime in the Criminal Trial Process – Victorian Law Reform Commission
In late 2015 the Victorian Law Reform Commission (VLRC) sought input on a review of the role of victims in the criminal trial process.
Vixen Collective’s submission addresses many of the significant barriers to justice sex workers face, as well as detailing issues with the court process that enable stigma and/or discrimination towards sex workers.
Vixen Collective Submission, 1st February 2016:
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Consultation Paper:
Report: no report has yet been produced from this review.

Regulatory Regimes Preventing the Infiltration of Organised Crime into Lawful Occupations and Industries – Victorian Law Reform Commission
In October 2014 the Victorian Law Reform Commission (VLRC) began an examination of how to prevent organised crime from infiltrating industries and occupations.
As indicated in Vixen Collective’s submission, both government data and feedback from our own community show that organised crime is not a feature of the Victorian sex industry, and that regulatory regimes (such as licensing) have significant impacts on the human rights and safety of sex workers.
Vixen Collective Submission, 14th August 2015:
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Inquiry Into the Regulation of Brothels NSW – Legislative Assembly Select Committee on the Regulation of Brothels, NSW
In 2015 a select committee was appointed by the NSW Government to look into the regulation of brothels in NSW.  When the committee returned its report (recommending the regulatory model of licensing), three members of the select committee dissented from the report’s conclusions and the NSW Government did not adopt the recommendations of the report.
Vixen Collective Submission, 19th August 2015:
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Final Report of Select Committee on the Regulation of Brothels:
ABC News – ‘Brothel licensing scheme rejected by NSW Government..’, 11th May 2016:

Electronic Health Records and Healthcare Identifiers Discussion Paper (PCEHR/HI) Australian Government Department of Health 
In May 2015 the Department of Health published an outline of proposed legislative change to the Healthcare Identifiers Act 2010 and the Personally Controlled Electronic Health Records Act 2012 – these changes have the potential to affect what information from our health records is held in electronic form, our ability to opt in or out of electronic health records and who can access these records.
Vixen Collective Submission, 17th July 2015:$FILE/135%20-%20Vixen%20Collective.PDF
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Report: no report has yet been produced from this process.

Royal Commission into Family Violence – Victorian Government
The Royal Commission into Family Violence was set up to enquire into family violence, its contributing factors, impacts, responses, and prevention strategies.
Vixen Collective Submission, 29th May 2015:
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