Sex Worker Collective now has an email address that can be used for contact.

Sex Worker Collective

We are a collective 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
What we can’t do with the email
The Sex Worker Collective is an unfunded collective of sex workers. The Collective is not a legal entity so we’re unable to provide advice, support, information or referrals in emails or over the phone. If an organisation is providing these services, is not a legal entity and provides the wrong advice, it can have legal consequences for all committee or board members. The Sex Worker Collective has consulted with sex workers and decided not to put Collective members in harm’s way.
What we can do with the email
We would love to hear from you if you have any suggestions for the website. If you’d like us to post some art you’ve done, if you’ve written a fact sheet, made a video or anything else you’d like to send us for content, we’d be happy to post it. If you come across a service you had a good experience in, let us know and we’ll put it on the referrals page. This is your space. As a sex worker, you are a member of The Sex Worker Collective so you are welcome to take up space you rightfully deserve.
The Sex Worker Collective also welcomes feedback of the non-evil variety.
How the Sex Worker Collective handles email.
If you contact the Collective, your email will be answered and deleted. We keep no records of any correspondence. Due to threats of legal action and other dodgy acts that have been perpetrated on Collective members, at this stage, it’s safer for Collective sex workers to remain anonymous so it must remain a secret who is answering the emails.
In case of emergency
If you have an emergency and need assistance, please call 000, or check out the referral pages on the website for other emergency contact numbers.